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Iran MP criticizes international community for keeping mum on Saudi crimes in Yemen


Chairman of the Iranian Parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Alaeddin Boroujerdi strongly criticized the international bodies for keeping silence vis-a-vis the crimes of the Saudi regime in Yemen.

“The number of the Yemeni women, men and children who are killed as a result of the Saudi regime’s savage attacks on Yemen’s cities, hospitals and infrastructure rises everyday while advocates of the human rights and international bodies are only watching the crimes and they do not take any action to stop it,” Boroujerdi said in a meeting with visiting Head of the High Council of Yemen Revolution Naif al-Qanis in Tehran on Sunday.

Boroujerdi, meantime, renewed Iran’s support for a political solution to the crisis in Yemen, and said, “The international community, specially the Muslim countries, should cooperate to bring a halt to the Saudi-led airstrikes on Yemen and start political dialogue among Yemeni groups.”

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