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Iran MPs to assess Gaza situation

Amid mounting international pressure for an end to the Israeli siege of Gaza Strip, a large number of Iranian lawmakers have volunteered to join the cause and help break the siege.

“Some 200 lawmakers have registered to visit Gaza so far,” Parviz Sorouri, one of the legislators to visit Gaza, told Press TV on Friday.

However, only a four-member parliamentary (Majlis) delegation was selected to visit the coastal sliver and assess the situation in the impoverished enclave.

“Sending such a big number of MPs to Gaza is not possible of course, besides this could suspend the activity of Majlis because the majority needed to vote in the parliament would not be available,” noted Sorouri.

He further pointed out that Iran also aims to send a ship carrying humanitarian aid despite all the Israeli attempts to stop aid convoys from reaching Gaza.

Iran’s Majlis representatives plan to take a trip to Gaza next week by travelling through Egypt and the Rafah border crossing.

The delegation seeks to assess the state of affairs in Gaza and report back to the parliament.

The effort comes despite Israel’s warnings to block further attempts to break the Gaza siege.

Israel says it will seek ways to block Iranian and other international aid shipments to the besieged strip, referring to them as ‘flow of arms.’

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