Iran Navy develops new missile launching system: Report

Iran Navy
Iran’s Navy has developed a missile launching system which aims to increase the precision and range of anti-ship missiles.

The new system has been designed in collaboration with the Iranian Defense Ministry and Imam Khomeini Maritime University.

Given that all naval units are equipped with short-range and medium-range surface-to-surface Cruise missiles, using the new system will be a major move towards improving the missile capabilities of these units at sea.

Meanwhile, Commander of Iran Navy Rear-Admiral Habibollah Sayyari said that the missile system could be installed on all vessels and announced that it would become operational in the near future.

Sayyari said on Tuesday that Iran’s naval forces are to conduct weeklong massive exercises across one million square kilometers of southern waters as of December 28.

He said that the exercises would involve submarines, destroyers, missiles, surface and subsurface combat, torpedoes, homegrown drones and electronic warfare.

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