Iran offers to aid Lebanon during economic crisis: report

 Despite Beirut’s previous refusal, Iran once again declared its readiness to provide aid to Lebanon at all levels, in order to extract it from the severe economic situation, Lebanese President Michel Aoun said this week.

President Aoun announced that the head of the Iranian Shura Council, Ali Larijani, during his visit to Lebanon last Monday, expressed his country’s readiness to assist Beirut economically, while renewing the Iranian invitation to President Aoun to visit Tehran.

In light of the economic crisis, the Lebanese are looking for international aid. However, the repeated refusal of Iranian aid comes due to the U.S. sanctions imposed on Tehran.

Will Lebanon Accept Aid This Time?

Larijani said in his press conference: “Lebanon is going through a sensitive stage, and we hope that the new government headed by Hassan Diab will be able to overcome all difficulties. We are fully prepared to cooperate with it in all fields.”

When asked about Iran’s support for Hezbollah, Larijani said that his country affirms its continued support to the Lebanese organization.

“We do not hide our support for the resistance, and we discussed today all areas of support for Lebanon, during the meeting with industrial, economic and agricultural officials.”

Larijani refused to describe Hizbullah as a “terrorist group”, saying: “We will not allow any country to rank it on the terrorist list because the party is a big part of fraternal Lebanon.”

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