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Iran preparing to unveil a new ‘weapon unlike the rest’

The Iranian Minister of Defense, Brigadier General Amir Hatami, announced on Monday that a new, locally manufactured Iranian weapon, different from the rest of its weapons, will soon be unveiled.

According to the Iranian Fars News Agency, Brigadier General Hatami said during the “Mobilization Week” ceremony that the late Imam (Khomeini) had ordered the establishment of the “Organization of the Most Vulnerable” after the case of the American “espionage den” (the former U.S. embassy in Tehran), considering it a “show Great strength in the face of the Americans”, and that this organization has turned American threats into opportunities.

Hatami indicated that his country is facing the most hostile and difficult embargo measures, and said, “We at this stage have designed, produced and delivered the most effective defense equipment to the armed forces.”

Hatami considered that these achievements are reminiscent of the words of “the late imam, that if mobilization thought prevailed, the enemy would not be able to reach his hateful goals.”

In his statements, Hatami indicated that the destroyer “DNA” will soon be handed over to the Navy, which is a locally manufactured weapon and is completely different from the rest of the other destroyers.

The commander of the Iranian army’s naval force, Admiral Hossein Khanzadi, spoke last month about the features of the new Iranian destroyer.

He noted that the destroyer “Dana” is completely nationwide, and that it is part of “the valuable defense force of the Islamic Republic of Iran with the possibility of sailing in the ocean.”

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