Iran presidency office statement on 22nd of Bahman

9421cbbd7573a7a1f5aeda2d861d7755_LIslamic Republic of Iran’s presidency office described the wave of “Islamic Awakening” in the region as rooted in the Islamic revolution of Iran.

Commemorating the 22nd of Bahman (February 10th) anniversary of the Islamic revolution, Iran’s presidency office said in a statement on Friday: “The wave of awakening that has swept all the world countries, owes to the enlightenments of Iran’s Islamic revolution which is on the basis of belief and efforts for implementation of justice, monotheism, and call of respect for all the nations.”
Congratulating the 34th anniversary of the victory of the Islamic revolution to the Iranian people, the statement added: “The victory of Iran’s revolution after years of efforts, struggle and selflessness led by the founder of the Islamic republic, Imam Khomeini (God’s mercy upon his soul), was a divine miracle and showed the greatness of the grandeur and dignity of human beings.”
The statement reiterated: “While preserving its solidarity against the enemy plots, the Islamic Republic of Iran system is the flag-bearer of guiding the mankind and pushes forth the promising movement of the victory of the deprived over the arrogant.”

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