Iran President Rouhani at new school year ceremony: We must tolerate others’ opinions, respect others’ thoughts


 President Rouhani emphasized that the atmosphere of morality and politeness must prevail in our schools, adding, we must learn to tolerate others’ opinions and respect others’ thoughts at schools.

Speaking at the ceremony to ring opening bell of new school year at Shahid Modarres Vocational School in western Tehran, President Rouhani raised ‘Mehr Question’ (the question asked at the beginning of the school year). “How can we practice tolerating others’ opinions and respecting others’ thoughts in schools?

Congratulating the beginning of school year, Rouhani added, “some students may have difficulties during their school years but definitely, if you look back at these years after you graduate, you will recognise that they were your best days”.

“To have a better feeling about the school time in the future and feel that we have better opportunities to have an effective role in the society, some preparations are needed, and how to behave in the cyberspace is added to its items,” continued Rouhani.

He also went on to say the relationship between students and the teacher, and students with each other is very important in how our students are raised. If the school atmosphere is not secure and students are harassed by their classmates, it will result in being under stress and they feel that the classroom is not safe for them.”

Today, our teenage and young students have made many achievements in the world, continued the President adding, “therefore, when we look back at the past 100 years, we understand that there have been flaws in our performance and we have not been able to make the best use of our resources and assets.”

Stressing the significant role of questions in education, Dr Rouhani said: “If our textbooks raise questions instead of mere emphasis on presenting facts to be memorised, our teenagers and young people will develop more creativity.’

“We should act in a way that after 12 years of school, instead of getting a paper as a certificate, our students achieve a scientific skill and be skilful enough in at least a field to give them the motivation to engage in work.”

He also said that he had asked the new Minister of Education to reform the education system in a way that after graduating from school, a student would be able to enter the job market if they are not willing to attend university.

President Rouhani also stressed the need to reform the education system, adding: “We have to educate our students for 12 years later not even today, but our current education system and textbooks educate the students for yesterday.”

“If we laugh at somebody’s beliefs and opinions or make fun of them, it means that we do not tolerate others’ opinions and thoughts,” he said, underscoring that we must teach our students to respect other people’s ideas and opinions.

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