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Iran Reserves Right to Respond to Cyberattacks: Mousavi

Iran stressed on Thursday its ‘legitimate right’ to resort to the cyberspace or any other means to respond to the cyberattacks launched by foreign governments and regimes.

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Abbas Mousavi voiced the Islamic Republic’s determination to defend itself against cyberattacks, noting, meanwhile, that the outbreak of recent fires in the country has nothing to do with cyberattacks.

Speaking to reporters on Thursday, Mousavi reiterated that allegations raised by some governments on sabotage and cyberattacks waged against the Islamic Republic of Iran, are categorically rejected.

“Thousands of cyberattacks are conducted against country’s infrastructures on a daily basis, which is nothing new; most of them are repelled without any effect by our advanced and sophisticated defense systems and computer disaster response teams.”

“In recent months, several broader cyberattacks have taken place on the country’s infrastructures, which, based on technical analyses, can be said to have been supported or carried out by some governments,” he added.

The spokesman said the attackers did not achieve their main goals in these attacks, accusing the US of being behind such attacks.

“The scale of committing crimes and violations of international law- most of which are perpetrated by the US government- is a matter of global concern so that the international community must respond to it appropriately.”

Mousavi also dismissed reports linking the recent sabotages and fires which hit Iran’s infrastructures with cyberattacks that are allegedly ordered by US President Donald Trump.

“Recent fires have nothing to do with cyberattacks. Regarding US President Trump’s order, it is very natural to say that from now on, the US government will be the main suspect of any cyberattack waged on Iran, unless it is proven otherwise.”

Mousavi reiterated that Iran reserves the legitimate right to take appropriate reciprocal measures in due course.

“Iran may use any means, whether cyberspace or other weapons, to defend itself against cyberattacks,” he underlined.

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