Iran Revolution ended US hegemony

Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council Saeed Jalili, has shown compelling evidence of US involvement in acts of terror.

Jalili who was addressing a massive crowd of people rallying in Tehran to commemorate the 1979 anniversary of takeover of the US embassy by Iranian students, also described Washington the main sponsor of terrorism.

Press TV has interviewed with Ibrahim Moussawi, political analyst, to share his opinion on this issue.

Following is the text of the interview:

Press TV: Mr. Moussawi, let’s put the next question to you. First of all welcome to the program. Speaking of the situation right now in the world, speaking of the Arab awakenings also of the situation, the popular movements that have now been spreading across the United States and across European countries, do you think as Mr. Izadi [the other guest of the program] was referring there that there is actually a weakness on the part of America right now and these allegations, Mr. Jalili said here that these are not allegations or accusations that are new and Iran has been talking about sabotage efforts that have been taking place by the US for years now, but do you think that the announcement of these allegations at this time to the United Nations for instance is going to be more different because of the changing international scenes?

Moussawi: First of all thank you for inviting me to this show and I should like to extend my congratulations for the students of Iran because they are commemorating this day which is a very significant and distinguished day not only for the Iranian students but for all the students all over the world.

I totally agree that there is a kind of distinguished and significant major shift taking place in the world today because of the awareness that is spreading. It is not unfair at all to say for example that there isn’t only Arab awakening, there is a world awakening now as we were able to see perfectly well that not only the Arab streets are full with people who are outraged against the tyranny of their dictatorships and when you talk about those dictatorships you are talking about the very close allies of the United States of America. Take for example Yemen, take Libya after the rapprochement with the West, take Egypt and take Tunisia. You are talking about generals, you are talking about military ruthlessly there who have been dictating their own tight grip over the people and over the countries and over the governments for so long decades and they are the allies of the United States of America.

So now the Arab streets are awakening against the American hegemony in the region. The same thing is happening in US because I mean this is going to reach to a certain summit, to a certain peak, to a certain dead-end, this is the dead-end that the West and the capitalism and the capitalist philosophy has reached to, after they have financed all of these wars against the people and against the governments and against the countries in the Arab and the Islamic world. They have reached to a point where they are paying the price for this adventure that they are that they took actually and this terrorism that they have done.

Now it is a kind of synonymy when you say capitalism and terrorism because I totally agree with what has been said by Mr. Jalili that ever since capitalism came into existence, terrorism has been exercised since they won. So yes, I mean these are synonyms and they are terminology that we can use interchangeably without feeling guilty about it, capitalism and terrorism. Now the thing is taking place in the Western World itself, take for example what is happening in Europe and what is happening in the United States of America with thousands and hundreds of thousands of people storming the institutions or going to the streets marching and protesting against the financing of these wars. I believe this is very significant nowadays and I believe this is going to… a new era where we have scores of examples about the weakness of the United States and give evidence about the involvement of United States in many conspiracies and attacks and aggressions and massacres in different places of the world and here we in Lebanon, I can give you many examples about the American involvement in conspiracies and massacres.

Press TV: When we are speaking about the relations or links between Iran and Washington, what needs to be done here? I mean when Washington did raise those accusations against Iran of trying to kill the Saudi ambassador, a lot of speculations were made on why such allegations were raised because there wasn’t any good evidence to support it, there was a lot of questions raised about the accuracy of the claim and of course growing numbers of analysts are saying everyday that there is not much reality to confirm that actually the accusation has been correct or can be confirmed to be real. What do you think the intention of that allegation against Iran was and how do you think that Iran’s response now and the counter accusations that have been raised by Iran is going to affect that intention?

Moussawi: Well first of all if we want to dig deep down into the history of the relations between Iran and the United States of America we would know that the Americans have been in a position of animosity and hatred towards Iran and towards the Islamic revolution and towards the Islamic Republic of Iran, others since the inception of the advent of the Islamic Republic in 1979. So what we can simply say is that the United States has adopted all policies that are against Iran, supported all those countries that were against Iran and they have done everything possible in order to attack and to lay siege against this country.

We have to remember the many attacks that they did if not to mention the eight year war that has been launched by the encouragement of the Americans, the Westerners, the Europeans against Iran by Saddam when they pushed Saddam Hussein to come and invade Iran during the eight year imposed war against Iran. This is something that has been initially staged by the West and by the United States of America. If we talk about the bringing down the Iranian civil airplane and killing many Iranians, if we remember their conspiracies in order to invade, to attack, to make many assassinations inside the Islamic republic of Iran let alone to talk about the recently assassinations of the nuclear experts in the Islamic Republic of Iran. All the fingers can only be pointed towards the Americans and the Westerners, not to others actually and the Americans have been depicting a lot of scenarios against Iran.

When you talk about this recently very silly story of trying to attempt assassination against the life of the Saudi ambassador, I mean whose this guy that Iran wants to kill I mean and why do they want to kill him in the United States of America not in any other place? I believe that only amateurs can think of such things not Iran, not the Iranian intelligence. I believe if the Iranian intelligence were so, have this little smartness like the American conspirators who are saying that the Iranians are doing it I believe that the Americans would have occupied Iran long time ago but thanks that we have good minds thinking on the other side.

And when you talk about the allegations I believe it has to do with Iraq because the Americans know very well Iran has a lot of influence in Iraq because of its good relation, because of the very wise policies that has been conducting in the region. Now they want Iran to exercise its influence for their own interest and this is not going to happen.

When they occupied this country and destroyed it because the Iranians did not cooperate they are trying to invent things and things in order to demonize, in order to depict it in a very evil way so they can do later on things that I don’t believe they are in a position to do it. Now if you come to the Iranian side and the accusations, not only accusations, I believe Iran would have a complete file of evidence about American conspiracies and American attacks and American aggressions against not only Iran, against the whole region. I don’t believe that the Americans would be in a good position to see things are going to be divulged against them.

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