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Iran, Russia stress cooperation to achieve regional security

Iran's Secretary of Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Rear Admiral Ali Shamkhani has met with his Russian counterpart to emphasize the need for bilateral cooperation of the two countries in different fields.

Rear Admiral Ali Shamkhani, Iran’s Secretary of Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) made the comments in a meeting with his Russian counterpart the Secretary of the Russian Security Council Nikolay Patrushev in New Delhi, on the sidelines of the Delhi Regional Security Dialogue on Afghanistan hosted by India.

Explaining the many crises in the region, including the crisis of terrorism, military aggression, occupation and the refugee crisis, Shamkhani said “the solution to get out of this situation is to end the intervention of trans-regional countries, especially the United States, and the cooperation and coordination of countries in the region to adopt local solutions to the crises.”

Referring to the developments in Afghanistan in recent months, the SNSC secretary stressed “Given the ethnic and religious mixture of Afghan society, the solution to the crisis in the country is the continuation of inter-Afghan dialogue and the formation of an inclusive government based on demographic realities in Afghanistan.”

“Concerned about the developments in Afghanistan and the impact of instability on the livelihood and security of the impoverished people of the country, the Islamic Republic of Iran is pursuing this country’s development and will spare no effort to help the people of Afghanistan,” he added.

Shamkahni also stressed the need for Tehran-Moscow cooperation, saying that the expansion of Iran-Russia relations in all areas, especially in the field of security and the continuation of the joint fight against terrorism would play a decisive role in regional stability.

He added, “Iran and Russia are a target for US conspiracies and sanctions, and they should tear down the illegal and inhumane system of US sanctions by raising the level of all-out cooperation.”

Nikolay Patrushev, for his part, expressed satisfaction with the developing relations between Tehran and Moscow in various fields and said that the continuation of the cooperation is in the interest of the two nations.

Referring to the constructive impact of the Delhi Dialogue on the rapprochement of regional countries’ views on common threats and ways to deal with them, the top Russian security official said, “Regional cooperation is not just a matter of choice but an inevitable way to create lasting security in the region.”

Referring to the talks on the Afghan crisis, he said, “The issue of Afghanistan in the wake of coordination and synergy among countries in the region can get out of the situation of instability and have a better future ahead.”

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