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Iran: Saudi Arabia “birthplace of lethal poison of Takfirism”

The Permanent Representative of Iran to the United Nations has called Saudi Arabia the “birthplace of the dangerous ideology of Takfirism”, which is also adhered to by terrorist organisations like ISIS.

Mohammad Hassani-Nejad, UN Representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran, made this statement to the UN assembly on Friday, adding that “One cannot afford to underestimate the toxic danger that is the Saudi-born ideology of Takfirism.”

The statement Hassani-Nejad came after the General Assembly adopted a non-binding resolution drafted by Canada that was aimed against Iran. Saudi representative Abdallah al-Mouallimi used the occasion to accuse Iran of employing a “sectarian approach in Iraq, Lebanon, and Syria”, and of violating human rights in Iran itself.

Mohammed Hassani-Nejad however scoffed at the Saudi delegate’s words, stating “There is hardly a more foolish thing in the world of politics than Saudi Arabia presenting its inherent sectarianism and prejudice as support for human rights.”

Adding to this, the Iranian representative pointed out that Saudi Arabia was the birthplace of Wahhabism an extremist ideology that allows Saudi preachers to freely declare others “infidels” and condemn them to death, a concept known in Arabic as takfir.

“The Saudi-born Takfiri ideology acts like the predator species, which seeks to have all other species go extinct. The Saudi government, Saudi charities, and Saudi-backed organizations continue to support this lethal poison (Takfirism), which provides the necessary hardware and software for terrorism and extremism.”

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