Iran Says Retaliation for Assassination of Fakhrizadeh ‘in Due Course’

Iran will respond to the assassination of prominent nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh “in due course,” the Islamic Republic’s UN mission spokesman Alireza Miryousefi said on Wednesday.

“Iran makes decisions on its nuclear program based on national interests,” Miryousefi told Newsweek one day after Iranian lawmakers overwhelmingly endorsed the outlines of a strategic action plan which aims to counteract sanctions imposed on the Iranian nation and safeguard its interests.

“As you know, the steps taken since the US withdrew from the JCPOA are incremental and will be in effect as long as other parties are in violation of the accord and/or are not fulfilling their obligations,” he added.

Miryousefi warned, however, that vengeance was still in the works for Fakhrizadeh’s killing.

“Retaliation for Dr. Fakhrizadeh’s assassination will come in due course against the perpetrators of the terrorist action, and at a time and place of our choosing,” he said.

Fakhrizadeh, who headed the Iranian Defense Ministry’s Organization of Defensive Innovation and Research (SPND), was targeted on Friday in a multi-pronged terror attack involving at least one explosion and small fire in Absard city of Damavand County, Tehran Province.

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