Iran sends translations of Holy Quran to 15 countries

Iran has sent six different translations of the Holy Quran published by the Quran Publishing Center to 15 countries.

The translated copies are in Persian, English, Turkish, Azeri, Pashtu and Kurdish and have been sent to Iraq, Lebanon, Sudan, Afghanistan, England, Indonesia, Germany and several other countries.

Over the past years, about 75 publishers have been collaborating in publishing the Holy Quran, Ali Chizari, an official from the Quran Publishing Center told the Persian service of Fars News Agency.

He said that the first step to learn about the concepts of the Quran is through its translations. Therefore, the center has made use of experts on the Quran to render complete translations of the holy words of the Quran.

This system will help school students who know a little about Arabic words and grammar to put the words beside one another and obtain smooth translations of the Holy Quran.

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