Iran summons Australia’s ambassador on ‘occupied land’ case

پاسخ وزارت امور خارجه به دعوت منامه Iran’s foreign ministry has summoned Australia’s ambassador to Tehran for elimination of the phrase ‘occupied land’ form eastern Beit ol-Moqaddas (Jerusalem).
Foreign ministry’s Middle East and North Africa general manager in a meeting with the Australian ambassador to Tehran issued Iran’s objection over the expressions by Australia’s attorney general on elimination of the phrase ‘occupied land’ from eastern Beit ol-Moqaddas (Jerusalem).

Reza Ameri asked Paul Foley to convey Islamic Republic of Iran’s message to his country to ask them change their positions on such issues.

He made hints to the historical occupation of Palestine by the Zionists regime and held that Jerusalem was the first sacred center for Muslims and that “it is highly respected for all Muslims; also international documents and conventions over Palestine all show that Palestine was occupied by Zionist regime.”

Foley emphasized that he would convey Islamic Republic of Iran’s point of views to the top ranking officials of his country and explained that eliminating the phrase by the attorney general were mere explanations in expert commissions rather than the Australia’s position on Palestine issue. “Australian government has not changed their perspectives over Palestine and Israel and all their positions towards them are within the United Nation’s frameworks.

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