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Iran summons French envoy to protest statement on execution of counterrevolutionary propagandist

Iran has summoned French Ambassador to Tehran Philippe Thiebaud to protest a statement issued by the European country's Foreign Ministry condemning the execution of Rouhollah Zam, administrator of a notorious counterrevolutionary website, who was convicted of corruption on earth, among other crimes.

Iranian s Foreign Ministry’s Director General for European Affairs summoned the French diplomat Sunday afternoon to voice the Islamic Republic’s “official protest” over the French Foreign Ministry’s statement.

The French ambassador said he would relay the Islamic Republic’s message to his country’s officials.

France reacted with anger on Saturday to the execution of the Paris-based counterrevolutionary figure, saying it ran counter to Iran’s international obligations.

“France condemns in the strongest possible terms this serious breach of free expression and press freedom in Iran,” the ministry claimed in its statement, describing the execution as an “unacceptable act.”

Zam, who used to run the counterrevolutionary Amad News website, was hanged on Saturday after Iran’s Supreme Court upheld a death sentence issued by the Islamic Revolution Court back in June.

His website, Amad News, feverishly disseminated incriminating content against Iran’s Islamic establishment and insulted the sanctities of Iranian Muslims.

Zam was first arrested in October 2019 by the Intelligence Organization of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corp (IRGC).

His arrest was made possible through a meticulous intelligence operation that involved outmaneuvering the intelligence services of certain Western countries, especially France, for which he used to spy.

Earlier on Sunday, the Iranian Foreign Ministry also summoned Germany’s ambassador to Tehran after the European Union expressed strong sympathy for Zam’s execution.

The envoy was notified of the Islamic Republic’s protest over the bloc’s heavily sympathetic statement a day earlier in favor of Zam.

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