‘Iran, Syria and Hezbollah never to leave Gaza alone’

Hezbollah Chief Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah said in Beirut Monday Iran, Syria and Hezbollah would never leave Gaza alone, as we have been with them during these years, and we will keep on paving the same path, as a religious, national, and humanitarian duty.

According to IRNA, Hezbollah Secretary General made the comment speaking at a southern district of Beirut in a ceremony making the martyrdom of the 3rd Imam Hussain ibn-Ali (PBUH), praising the brave Islamic resistance of the people of Gaza who are encountering the brutal and barbarian invasion of the racist-Zionists.
Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah added, “The resistance forces by remaining firm over their legitimate demands have placed Zionist regime in a position to pursue the objective of enforcing a ceasefire and returning to the status before their state sponsored terror of the late Ezzeddin Qassam Brigade Commander Martyr Ahmad al-Jaabari, which is of course rejected by the resistance force.”
He added, “Zionist regime has thus far the hit entire targets that it could have in Gaza and targeted some of them for the second, or third time, and yet the rockets that are shot from that city are aimed at targets in depth of that occupier regime’s entity.”
Referring to the experience of Gaza in the year 2008 and the experience of Lebanon, Nasrallah said, “But today, both the resistance movement and its leaders have passed thru that stage when Zionist regime was capable of massacring the innocent women and children on the one hand and imposing pressure by the other counties on the other hand.”
He criticized the sands adopted by the Arab countries, called the recent declaration of the Arab League ministers “a duplicate copy of their declaration in the year 2008”, arguing, “The only new point in their closing ceremony was inviting the world countries not to naturalize their relations with Zionist regime!”

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