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Iran tests new Sejjil-2 missile with success

Iran has successfully tested an optimized version of the solid-fuel Sejjil-2 deterrent missile as part of its long-term plans to defend the country’s borders.

The high-speed surface-to-surface, which was launched on Wednesday morning, has been designed and built by the Iranian Ministry of Defense.

Back in May, Iran tested the initial version of the two-stage Sejjil-2 missile. The Sejil-2 has a longer range than the Shahab-3 missile.

The deterrent system was built as part of an effort to design a more accurate and swift missile than previous Iranian-made models.

This new version of the Sejjil-2 is faster during the powered flight portion of its trajectory and also during the re-entry phase.

It is also harder to detect for anti-missile systems, as it is covered with anti-radar material.

The new highly maneuverable missile is also more efficient as it requires less amount of time for prelaunch preparations. This quality reduces the possibility of it being targeted prior to take off.

According to comments made by Iran’s defense minister, Brigadier Ahmad Vahidi, the missile-launch is part of Iran’s efforts to boost deterrence capabilities.

“The launch of an optimized version of Sejjil is part of Iran’s defense doctrine and its standard missile activities,” Vahidi said in a speech before the test began.

“Iran’s missile capabilities are strictly defensive and at the service of regional peace and stability. They will never be against any country,” he stressed.

In a phone interview with Press TV, journalist and political commentator Kiyan Nader Mokhtari elaborated more about the features of the new missile.

“The engine and various fuels have been tested and the platform is now highly reliable. The latest tests to be carried out are mainly to do with the variety of warheads that it has to carry,” he said.

“Some of the warheads obviously have been designed to be able to evade anti-ballistic missile defenses of the enemy in actual battle conditions,” he added.

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