Iran ‘The Pearl’ wins at Bucharest film festival

377321_The Pearl-Bucharest film festival

Iranian screen production The Pearl directed by Sirous Hassanpour has garnered award at the 2014 edition of Bucharest International Film Festival, Romania.

The award went to the film’s cinematography director Saed Nikzat for his particular way and gorgeous imagery used in the film.

Nikzat as a director of photography contributed to more than 20 short and feature films.

Produced by Iran’s Farabi Cinematic Foundation, The Pearl also competed in Damah Film Festival that took place in the Japanese city of Hiroshima on August 2 and 3, 2013.

The film chronicles the life of a pearl hunter, Karim, who is living in a little town of southern Iran. Karim who suffers from heart trouble, finds out that he needs an urgent surgery for the disease but he cannot afford it. His two children think that they have to grow up sooner than expected time to help their dad.

The movie won the UNICEF award at the 2012 International Film Festival for Children and Young Adults in Isfahan.

According to the UNICEF report on the film, The Pearl provides a realistic perspective of child labor and reflects situations where children are forced to distance themselves from their childhood.”

The report also says that the film portrays the finer aspects of human relationships and moral values with beautiful cinematic skills.

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