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Iran to arm naval forces with long-range cruise missiles

The director of the Marine Industries Organization of the Iranian Ministry of Defense, Admiral Amir Rastakari, said that the army destroyers will be equipped with a vertical launch system for long-range cruise missiles.

Rastakari’s statement came on the sidelines of the exhibition “Renaissance of Parts Industry” at the Ministry of Defense on Thursday, according to the Fars News Agency.

Rastakari confirmed that the organization will hand over to the naval force of the Iranian army the destroyer “DNA” on March 20, 2021, adding that “we also hope to deliver the helicopter, Birozan, to the naval force on the aforementioned date.”

“This helicopter enjoys a high speed and is considered offensive due to the weapon system it is equipped with, and it has the ability to hide from radar in addition to the possibility of transporting forces and equipment from the sea to any beach site,” the director of the Iranian Maritime Industries Organization said.

The admiral added, “Iran has the potential to export military equipment in various fields and non-military by several billion annually.”

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