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“Iran to Become Hub of Constructing Nuclear Power Plants”

Head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) Mohammad Eslami says that Iran will be the hub of nuclear power plant construction.

“We should be able to turn the country into one of the poles for the construction and design of nuclear power plants in the coming years,” Eslami said on Thursday during the opening of the gamma radiation project in Bonab.

“By God’s grace, in the first year of the (current) government, planning to develop the use of radiation was put on the agenda. The comprehensive development document was studied and designed at the country level and was placed on the agenda. Based on this document, 12 points were identified in the country that can be used in agriculture,” he stressed.

Saying that there was only one radiation system that was used in a limited part of this area, Eslami added that a truly advanced portable system is now designed.

“The first local sample will be installed and launched soon at the first site in one of the country’s provinces. Capacity building of the production line of this gamma radiation system has been established in Bonab center,” the AEOI chief continued, adding, “We have a broad plan to cover the country with the installation of Gamma system equipment in the first step within three years.”

He went on to say, “The issue that is very important for us is to be able to expand the applications of nuclear technology in the country day by day. Regarding the issue of nuclear power generation, which is one of the country’s needs, we considered setting a 20-year target.”

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