Iran to Open 4 Pet-Chem Parks by 2022

CEO of Petrol Company of Iran Rasoul Najafzadeh said that his country is working on 4 petrochemical parks to accommodate plants and increase the national output of products by 2022.

Najafzadeh said Urmia Melamine, Ilam Polypropylene, Melamine Crystal Park and Lordegan Resin Urea parks are planned to be built in Iran in the near future, adding that Urmia Potassium Sulfate Unit would become operational by March with 400,000 tons/year of production capacity.

He said Urmia Melamine Park was to be launched by the private sector and Petrol Co. would operate as the regulator of the project. The park will entail 6 facilities and would create 940 direct jobs with an investment of 7,400 billion rials.

Furthermore, Ilam Polypropylene Plant will be built with 150,000 tons of installed production capacity and will become operational by 2022.

This project will also entail 6 plants with an investment of 12,000 billion Iranian rials.

In October, the National Petrochemical Company (NPC) of Iran announced that the diversity of petrochemicals produced in Iran is expected to be enhanced by 2025 as the country is planning to realize the sector’s second and third leaps by 2025.

The first leap of the industry took place in 2011 while the second and third leaps are planned to be realized by 2021 and 2025, respectively.

Furthermore, NPC considered feedstock supply to the plants as a priority, adding that the leaps would allow domestic production of key petrochemical items in the country.

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