Iran to possess ocean-going warships

The commander of the 2nd Region of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard’s naval forces, Admiral Ramadan Zirrahey, announced that they will induc of ocean-going warships to the Revolutionary Guard Navy, before next March.

Admiral Ramadan Zerrahey said, in a press statement on Monday, that “a number of ocean-going vessels that are currently manufactured will join the Revolutionary Guard Navy at the end of the current Iranian year that ends in March 2021.”

He added, “The Revolutionary Guard currently owns various missile launchers and drones, as 188 reconnaissance drones have joined the Revolutionary Guard Navy recently, which were manufactured in the defense industries sector of the Ministry of Defense.”

Ramadan Zirrahey stressed that the Revolutionary Guard’s navy is fully prepared and possesses the latest combat skills and training.

He stressed that “in the event that the enemies commit any stupidity, they will face a decisive response from the Revolutionary Guard’s freedom.”

The commander of the second region of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Navy said that “the capabilities of the navy, whether in terms of humanity or equipment, cannot be compared to the period of the eight-year war with Iraq, as the Revolutionary Guard possesses modern equipment and has information capabilities at the regional level and monitors all ongoing activities well.”

He noted that “one of the tasks of the Revolutionary Guard Navy is to combat illegal fishing and smuggling of fuel and drugs,” noting that “the quantities of smuggled fuel in the Gulf fell to their lowest levels, as thousands of tons were stopped and the smuggled fuel was delivered to the Iranian Oil Derivatives Distribution Company.”

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