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Iran to unveil its first two-seat electric car

The first Iranian two-seat electric urban car will be unveiled on September 3, 2009.
Dubbed “Qasedak-e Nasir”, the vehicle was built by a group of young scientists at the Khaje Nasir Toosi University of Technology.

The group, including 14 members of the university’s students and graduates, has worked on the project for 10 months.

Made from steel, the vehicle is powered by rechargeable batteries.

In recent years, growing ecological problems, such as upward trend in air pollution and the decline in fossil fuel reserves tempted the car manufactures to think about hybrid and electronic vehicles that are much friendlier to the environment and requires much less dependence on fossil fuels reserves.

Despite high initial costs, electric cars are cheaper to maintain and run. They currently enjoy relative popularity in countries around the world.

An electric car is an alternative fuel automobile that uses electric motors and motor controllers for propulsion, in place of more common propulsion methods such as the internal combustion engine (ICE).

Electric cars are specifically a variety of electric vehicle intended for use as a road-going automobile. Electric cars are commonly powered by on-board battery packs, and as such are battery electric vehicles (BEVs).

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