Iran: Turkey must coordinate moves with Iraqi, Syrian governments


Foreign Ministry Spokesman Jaber-Ansari says Iran expects Turkey to take every anti-terrorism measure in full coordination with Iraq and Syria’s central governments.

Speaking at his weekly press conference here on Monday, Hossein Jaber Ansari reacted to the recent moves by Turkey inside Iraq despite Baghdad’s repeated protests, and stressed that any measure against terrorism must be within the international law and fully respect the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the country that is gripped with the scourge of terrorism.

“The Islamic Republic deems unacceptable any anti-terrorist move taken inside a country without that government’s full consent,” he said.

The Iranian official also reacted to the normalization of relations between Turkey and the Israeli regime, saying Muslim countries should adopt policies that guarantee the interests of Islamic nations.

He further added that Ankara’s move to improve ties with Tel Aviv does not present a good picture to the region and that Turkey has problems with its neighbors which will make it adopt a different policy toward Israel later on.

Jaber Ansari then expressed hope that Turkey would pave the way for the settlement of regional crises through adoption of constructive policies with its neighbors.

Elsewhere, the Iranian official touched upon the nuclear deal and the US’ commitment to it, saying the US is obligated under a UN Security Council resolution to carry out its commitments and that Iran’s criteria for complying with the deal is the US’ implementation of the agreement.

JaberAnsari also announced that a new ambassador from Saudi Arabia will soon be stationed in Iran.

He said certain consultations are being conducted with Italy and France for the visit of President Rouhani, but the final date has not yet been determined.


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