Iran, UN Discuss Syria in Tehran

 Iranian and UN officials in a meeting in Tehran conferred on the latest developments in Syria to soothe the crisis in the war-hit country.

UN Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for Syria Geir O. Pedersen held a meeting with Senior Assistant to Iran’s Foreign Minister in Special Political Affairs Ali Asqar Khaji in Tehran on Wednesday.

The two sides discussed the latest developments in Syria and the grounds for cooperation between Iran and the United Nations to settle the crisis in the country.

In the talks, the Iranian diplomat touched upon the political developments in Syria, including the fight against terrorism and the necessity for the expansion of the Syrian government’s sovereignty over the entire Syrian territory, the formation of the Constitutional Committee, the return of the displaced, the exchange of detainees and abductees, the reconstruction of Syria, and a number of other issues.

He also expressed Iran’s readiness, like before, to work in cooperation with the UN to help resolve the Syria crisis.

Pederson, for his part, pointed to his previous meetings with the Iranian officials and to his upcoming visits to a number of countries in order to finalize the line-up and agenda of Syria’s Constitutional Committee.

He also conferred with Khaji on the outstanding and unresolved issues surrounding the committee.

Pedersen also expressed gratitude to Iran for its efforts in this regard, stressing the need for continued consultations.

Iran has helped the Syrian government and people in confrontation against the terrorist groups which had occupied the country.

It has also underlined its readiness to assist the country in reconstruction efforts which has been welcomed by the Syria side.

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