Iran unveils ‘surprises’ during large-scale naval maneuvers in the Strait of Hormus

Iran announced the start of the “14 Greatest Messenger”  maneuvers on Tuesday in the Strait of Hormuz, in which some “surprise equipment and weapons” used to target warships from long distances are used.

“The Revolutionary Guards are conducting these large and joint exercises with the aim of preserving and enhancing its combat readiness,” Brigadier General Abbas Nilfroshan, spokesman for the exercises said on Tuesday.

The Fars News Agency quoted the general as saying: “The operational and final stage of these maneuvers, which was preceded by the preliminary stage in the past days, has already started today, Tuesday, in the province of Hormuzkan, the western Strait of Hormuz and the Persian Gulf to the depth of Iranian territory.”

He highlighted the use of different missiles, including ballistic and cruise, as Iran demonstrated their long-range capabilities and accuracy.

The Fars News Agency noted that the Revolutionary Guards conducted a ballistic missile defense exercise as part of the exercises.

“These exercises are taking place with the participation of the naval and geospatial forces in the Revolutionary Guards on land, sea and airspace, according to the program prepared for the pre-determined exercises,” Nilfroshan said.

He pointed out that “the exercises are aimed at improving the combat readiness at all levels, training and reassurance in implementing operational projects, raising the coordination level in implementing joint operations, defense and attack exercises in electronic warfare, and stabilizing communications at various levels.”

He stressed that “the exercises also aim at securing air and maritime transport lines, continuing logistical support and training staff on various scenarios, as well as implementing projects that are fast and flexible with war scenarios on both sides.”

“The ongoing maneuvers are also characterized by a deepening of the defense by employing the enormous capabilities of the People’s Forces and Naval Mobilization Forces (Basij),” Nilfroshan said.

He continued: “the Revolutionary Guard’s defensive projects are crystallized thanks to the defensive and offensive spirit with popular mobilization, and the defense takes an endless dimension thanks to the popular participation in jihadist battles.”

He added that “these maneuvers are characterized, as well, by the modern preparation according to the complex wars and the centrality of the network in proportion to the offensive approach of the Revolutionary Guards and making the best use of the digital and optical capabilities and marches and regular possession of intelligence supervision and the implementation of the exercises in light of the atmosphere of biological wars.”

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