Iran warns UN on aftermaths of Israelˈs violation of its air space

Iran warns UN on aftermaths of Israelˈs violation of its air space

Following violation of Iranian air space by an Israeli drone, Iranian envoy in UN in a letter addressed to UN officials condemned Zionist regime criminal act and warned about aftermaths of such aggressive, intriguing moves.

Iranˈs Ambassador and Care-Taker of Islamic Republicˈs Permanent Representative Office in UN Hossein Dehqai has addressed Tehranˈs protest letter to the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, the Head of UN Security Council Mark Lyall Grant, and the Head of the UN General Assembly John Ash, IRNA reported.

The letter reads:
On Saturday, August 23, 2014, a drone of the occupier regime of Holy Qods violated the air space of the Islamic Republic of Iran aimed at spying on Natanz nuclear facilities, when it was downed by the Iranian air defense fire.

This move of the Zionist regime, which took place after repeated threats of that regimeˈs officials against Iran, is considered obvious violation of the territorial integrity and national legitimacy of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and is in direct contrast against the international rules and regulations and the text of the UN Charter.
The aggressive act was meanwhile a threat against the regional peace and stability and needs to be condemned by the international community, and especially by the UN Security Council.

The Islamic Republic of Iran while preserving the right for any defensive move to safeguard its territorial integrity, regarding such intriguing moves warns that they will have serious aftermaths for the aggressor.

I hereby ask the UN officials to publish this letter as a UN Security Council document.
According to IRNA, on Sunday, August 24 the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) issued a communiqué, announcing that a drone of the Zionist regime had been traced, targeted by a missile, and downed.

The communiqué had mentioned that the downed Israeli drone was of espionage radar evading flying object type that had intended to infiltrate into Natanz nuclear facilityˈs territory, when the Iranian air defense network acted on time before its entry to its espionage mission region, hit the drone, and downed it.

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