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Iran Won’t Allow a Foreign Prescription for Syria

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Iranian FM stressed that: “Iran would not allow a prescription for the Syrian nation from outside Syria to be imposed on them.”
Ali Akbar Salehi, Iranian foreign minister told his Lebanese counterpart in a press conference that Iran hopes “Syrian intellectuals and influential countries inside and outside the region will come together to adopt a Syrian-Syrian solution so that the Syrian people will make the final decision for their own future.”

Salehi emphasized that “This is Iran’s stance and our solemn decision,” and further pointed out: “we will not allow a foreign prescription for Syria.”

In response to a question about Iran’s participation in Geneva II Conference, Iran’s FM said: “The final decision for holding the summit has not been made yet and we are not sure whether the conference will be held or not…some authorities of countries with a veto power made remarks saying they are willing to have Iran in the summit and some other countries have told us directly or indirectly via intermediates that they would like Iran to take part in Geneva II conference.”

Salehi added: “Considering Iran’s status in the region, if decisions are made that such a conference will be held, Iran will certainly participate.”

He commented on the [Friends’ of Syria] meeting in Doha, Qatar and pointed out: “We support any meeting for a solution to the Syrian crisis where Syrian national interests are considered, without a foreign interference and a foreign prescription for the country. But if a meeting is to arm terrorists and insurgents in Syria and would prolong Syrian massacre or lead to more destruction, we oppose it.”

He stressed that: “I wonder how the west who frets about Human Rights wants to arm the cannibals in Syria. Such contradictions have always been observed in their stances.”

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