‘Iran world’s sixth leading country in terms of missile capability’


Former defense minister Ahmad Vahidi has said that Iran is now the world’s sixth leading country in terms of missile capability.
Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi made the remarks in an interview with the Fars News Agency published on Sunday.

He also said that the Islamic Republic of Iran was the first leading country in the region in terms of missile capability.

He added that missile achievements, such as developing the indigenous technology to build solid-fuel missiles and designing and manufacturing advanced long-range missiles, have helped the country gain such a high position in the world.

Elsewhere in his remarks, the general said that the Imam Khomeini space center would be inaugurated in the near future.

Vahidi had previously said that the space center would be used to launch domestically manufactured satellites into space.

The Tolou (Sunrise) satellite is scheduled to be sent into space aboard the Simorgh satellite-carrier rocket from the Imam Khomeini space center.

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