Iranian Army, IRGC Striving Hard to Control Floods

The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) and the Iranian Army are utilizing all their power and equipment to help the flood-stricken people in different parts of the country.

“Over 400 armored, engineering and transportation systems of the IRGC Ground Force are conducting relief and rescue operations in flooded areas of Khuzestan province,” IRGC Ground Force Commander Brigadier General Mohammad Pakpour said on Saturday.

Also, Commander of the IRGC’s Airborne Unit Brigadier General Mohammad Rahmani said that his forces and engineers are detecting the flood-hit areas from air.

Meantime, Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Amir Hatami underlined the Armed Forces’ good management of the flood crisis in the country, saying, “The Army, IRGC, Law Enforcement Police and defense ministry have shared the tasks, strenuously worked day and night and used all relief equipment, including planes, helicopters, personnel-carriers and technical and engineering equipment, and they could control the crisis resulting from the floods very well.”

Over three weeks after the start of the unprecedented heavy rains and floods in Iran, many dams in the country are swelling with rising rivers.

In Isfahan province near the borders with Markazi and Lorestan provinces, Golpayegan Dam was announced full on March 31 and the people residing in the areas near the downstream of the dam were ordered to evacuate their homes and keep distance from areas on the river banks.

In Khuzestan province, Karkheh Dam has been discharging water in the past week to manage the huge amount of inflow it is receiving due to heavy rains in Lorestan, Khuzestan, and Kuhkiluyeh and Buyerahmad provinces.

The tragedy started in the four Northern provinces of Mazandaran, Golestan, Semnan and North Khorassan on March 20. Thirty provinces of Iran have been hit by severe weather conditions since then.

Popular rescue teams are formed in all major cities of the country, dispatching units of relief providers to flood-hit areas.

The IRGC has pledged to boost hope and raise morale among the people of the flood-hit regions in Iran with offering food, relief aid, and housing to restore normalcy to everyday life in the battered cities.

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