Iranian Commander: Intruders Should Pay Heavy Price

Commander  Intruders Should Pay Heavy Price

Lieutenant Commander of the Islamic Republic Army Brigadier General Abdulrahim Moussavi said Iranian air defense can even monitor moves across and beyond the country’s borders, and any aggressor who dares to violate Iran’s airspace will pay a heavy price.

“Today, the enemy has come into the conclusion that the price of intruding Iranian skies will be high,” Moussavi said, addressing a ceremony on the occasion of the Air Defense Day in Iran on Monday.

He referred to the recent downing of an Israeli spy drone by the country’s air defense shield, and said, “This shows the full preparedness of the air defense and today 6 years after the establishment of an independent air defense base, all equipment, including strategic radars, have been built despite the sanctions (imposed by the West against Iran), which can monitor the enemies’ moves beyond the borders.”

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