Iranian DM Highlights Islamic Republic’s ‘Proactive Deterrence’


Iran’s Defense Minister underlined the country’s capability to repel all possible enemy threats.

Addressing a group of Iranian parliamentarians in Tehran on Tuesday, Brigadier General Amir Hatami lauded Iran’s defensive power.

“Thanks to the martyrs’ blood and the Iranian scientists’ capabilities, the country’s defense strategy is in a level that we have created a proactive deterrence in a bid to nib in the bud any plot against the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

He added that the country has a long-term strategic outlook on its defense issues given the extent of the enemies’ plots.

“Today, the enemies’ approach is to weaken national strength and defense power of the Islamic Republic of Iran, but we will not allow anyone to undermine our country’s defense might,” Hatami stated.

In a gathering of Army officers earlier in October, Leader of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, Imam Sayyed Ali Khamenei said that vigorous efforts to boost Iran’s power is a non-negotiable issue, warning that the enemies attempt to counter Iran’s national might because they see this as a nuisance.


Source: Tasnim News Agency

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