Iranian envoy, Lebanese politician meet in Beirut


Iran’s Ambassador to Lebanon Mohammad Fathali had a meeting with the Leader of Lebanon’s Marada Movement, Suleiman Tony Frangieh, in Beirut.

According to Tasnim news agency, the two officials discussed the latest developments in Lebanon and in the region at the meeting.
The Marada movement is one of the political parties affiliated with the March 8 Alliance, which also includes Hezbollah.
Lebanon has been gripped with presidential deadlock for seven months.
Back in late September, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani praised the “peaceful coexistence” of different religions and ethnic groups in Lebanon, saying that involvement of these groups in the government, guarantees security and development in the country.
Rouhani underlined that if all Lebanese ethnic and religious groups are involved in running the country, Lebanon will enjoy sustainable security and development.
He also deplored the efforts by certain elements to fan the flames of ethnic and religious conflicts in certain regional countries, saying “violence and terrorism are the main problems in the Middle East region.”

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