Iranian general attends Beijing Xiangshan Forum in China

The Iranian general is among the representatives of more than 70 countries taking part in the 3-day event.

Held in the Beijing International Convention Center, the forum’s theme is “Maintaining International Order and Promoting Peace in the Asia-Pacific.”

It includes four plenary sessions and eight panel discussions.

Organizers of the forum say more than 530 participants from 76 official delegations have confirmed participation in the gathering, which also allows the participants to know about China’s development achievements and its contribution to world peace and development.

This year’s forum also covers topics such as relations between major powers, the interests of small and medium-sized countries, international security, maritime security, and the influence of artificial intelligence on international security and future warfare.

Initiated by the China Association of Military Science (CAMS) in 2006, the forum has been dedicated to promoting exchanges and cooperation among defense authorities, armed forces, international organizations and scholars.

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