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Iranian hackers strike zionist israeli regime’s air industries

On Sunday, Iranian hackers announced that they had breached the computers of the Elta company, affiliated with the Israeli military’s air industries.

The hackers, who call themselves Pay2Key Group, have published a list of users of the Elta system as proof of their access to the company’s computers.

One of the listings showed the name of the company’s head of cyber projects, Camilla Adre.

The Iranian hacker attack targeted this important aerospace defense industry, which is state-owned, in what is believed to be a two-day operation.

During the past two days, Pay2Key Group published a question to rank the level of cyber defense in the aviation industries and the ministries of transportation and health, and attached the question, leaving the impression that it will announce the penetration of one of the companies when the count ends.

Last Sunday, the Israeli logistics and mission services company, Orian, confirmed that it had been affected by a cyber attack, and said it was one of 40 companies affected by the breach, which Israeli media said came from Iran.

This latest influx in cyber attacks by Iranian hackers comes just weeks after the assassination of nuclear scientist, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, near Tehran.

Iran sys Israel of playing a role in this assassination and vowed to respond in series of attacks at their own choosing.

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