Iranian Navy Tests Artillery Firepower of Military Vessels

The Iranian Navy tested its artillery firepower on the eighth day of the massive naval wargames underway in the country’s Southern waters.

The Iranian naval vessels hit the specified targets with heavy artillery fire, using 76mm guns which have already been mounted onto the country’s military ships.

The Iranian naval vessels also exercised targeting drones with their air-defense systems.

The Iranian Navy started the third and the main stage of the naval drills on Saturday morning.

Iran’s naval forces started 10-day wargames, dubbed as Velayat 90, in an area stretching from the East of the Strait of Hormoz in the Persian Gulf to the Gulf of Aden last Saturday.

The third stage of the wargames, called ‘the stage of exercising force’, also includes test-firing long-range missiles from coasts and navy vessels.

Different types of short and long-range coast-to-sea, surface-to-surface, surface-to-air missiles are going to be tested by Iranian vessels in this stage which will last until January 2.

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