Iranian People is stronger than any nuclear bomb

Cultural advisor at the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Lebanon, Sayyed Mohamed Hussain Raeis Zadeh, stressed that “The Islamic Republic has a bomb more powerful than nuclear bombs, which is the culture of revolution inherent in the people, because this culture is exported to the world.” He pointed out that the Persian language hold the concepts of this revolution, as the concepts of culture and mystical Persian civilization.
Speech by Zadeh came during a graduation ceremony held by the Iranian Chancellery on Tuesday November 22 to celebrate students who are learning the Persian language.

As he greeted the Lebanese their independence, Zadeh pointed out that the Islamic Republic of Iran has seen a noticeable change after the victory of the revolution.

“before the revolution, Iran did not have the completion of the full sovereignty of the Iranian people at all levels, but there was a subordination and the decision-making at that time depended on America and Britain.” He said

Cultural advisor pointed out how the Imam Khomeini, made a general referendum on the constitution after the revolution, by which the Iranian people choosed this Constitution by high amount of votes, and appointed President of the Republic.
“now the Iranian people take decisions and do not allow any country to interfere with his affairs; Iran formed an idole for people who are living under the Mandate and colonization” He stressed

On the subject of nuclear issue, He saw that the problem is not a problem in nuclear Iran, the United States is not afraid of these the bomb and is not keen on the security of peoples in the region, nor in the outside and the proof is that the Zionist entity has currently more than two hundred nuclear bombs in this region and they are not so keen on the security of nature and animals.

“these pressures are not to prevent Iran from having nuclear bomb, but the subject is the culture of our people, which he considered “the most powerful and heavier than any nuclear bomb.”

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