Iranian scientist develops bone penetration displayer device

IMG14105204An Iranian scientist has developed bone penetration displayer device which would make bone surgery easier and more precise.
Peiman Dehghani Rad, CEO of Danesh Bonyan Organization, told Mehr News that “we have developed a device which displays depth of bone penetration; the device would facilitate orthopedic surgeries and add to precision and speed.”

He maintained that this device can be installed on any surgical drill and “by penetrating the depth of bone, provides specific and precise measurements for the surgeons so that they can perform bone surgery in the shortest of time.”

“Currently, bone depth is measured by center bits installed on drills,” Dehghani Rad said, “the device can be sterilized and is made of stainless steel. It can be used on patients with any type of fracture that requires surgery.”

He added that the idea of developing this device goes back to 2012, “it has not been manufactured in commercial levels yet.”

Mehr News has been informed that Danesh Bonyan Organization has developed smart surgical drills before.

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