Iranian scientist develops device to help replicate soft tissues


Rahim Fotourehchi, the project executor, told Mehr News that this device makes it possible to design and develop synthetic organs and biological and non-biological soft tissues and added, “in recent years, this device has been used to measure soft tissues’ mechanical properties of fetal membranes.”

While noting that conducting tests on soft tissues are simple and the results have a high repeatability rate, he said, “the relation between force and time of the tested sample is calculated by processing frames extracted from a video taken by a digital microscope.”

“This device significantly reduces the possibility of error in measuring mechanical properties of soft tissues,” he said.

While maintaining that soft tissues in healthy and unhealthy human beings have different mechanical properties, he said, “this device can be used to compare the two samples from a healthy and unhealthy soft tissue.”

“In designing and developing synthetic tissues, this device can be used to design a synthetic vein the mechanical properties of which are similar to a natural human vein, and the mechanical properties of the chosen polymer for the synthetic vein or skin will match the natural vein or skin of a human body,” he explained.

According to Fotourehchi, this device can accurately measure the mechanical properties of any soft tissue such as heart, lung and kidney.

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