Iranian startups, tech companies join forces to fight COVID-19 pandemic

Iranian startups and researchers are pivoting their technologies to help fight the deadly coronavirus outbreak.

Speaking to Press TV, they said they will do what’s needed to help curb the spread, use their tech to ensure the health and safety of the communities, and support government solutions for COVID-19, including production of a vaccine.

Nationwide, the active collaboration between organizations and the government as well as the cost-effective and efficient solutions developed by tech companies and non-profits are also helping in tracing the reach of the virus, making visualizations for identifying hotspots, enabling better decision-making and empowering communities.

As the outbreak continues to spread in some provinces, more stringent containment measures are being put into place especially in the capital. From social distancing, to workplace, school and daycare closures, health centers, local communities, the nation and the government are working together to fight the pandemic.

Many private startups and researchers here are giving the necessary boost to the government’s efforts to bring the pandemic under control. As maintained by the country’s health ministry officials, their proactive approaches and wide outreach have played a major role in mitigating the situation.

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