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Iranian Students Unions Praised American People’s Support for Iran

Four major Iranian students unions in a letter praised the American nation for their February 4 rallies against the US officials’ warmongering policies against Iran.

The American people staged massive rallies in front of the White House and throughout the US on February 4 to voice their strong opposition to the West’s oil ban and the US warmongering policies against Iran.

Hundreds of people in New York shouted their opposition to any kind of threat for military operation and urged their statesmen to end their illegal sanctions against Iran.

Demonstrators shouted slogans such as, “No war with Iran,” “We condemn assassination of Iranian nuclear scientists,” “War and Lie, never,” “Wall Street created unemployment, not Iran.

The following is the full text of the Iranian students’ letter:

The people participating in the February 4th rally in support of Iran:

It is a letter from the Iranian youths to you insightful nation who stood against your government’s militant behavior. Such a rally in support of the rights of the people of the Islamic Iran and condemning the imperialistic policy of a government which is under the shadow of the Zionist lobby suppressing the voice of oppositions, needs to be appreciated.

As you know, and it was mirrored in your slogans properly, the enemies of the Iranians supported by the US administration have assassinated some of the Iranian nuclear scientists in recent years, accompanied by unprecedented and comprehensive sanctions, in all fields: from economy to science, pursued by regime change plots against Iran led by the US.

Contrary to the US authorities’ claims regarding the target of the sanctions and pressures, the nation of Iran is going to be targeted by the way. It have been proved through the history that Iranians are pacifist and seeking liberty; supporting the suppressed against the suppressors, and Iranians’ support for the poor Palestinians has been one of the reasons behind these pressures. If Iran gives up this policy, every thing would be Ok! Let alone sanction and assassination! All in all, Iranians would never stop their policy of helping the suppressed people all over the world. Everything has its own price!

The critical end of Iranians is to have sovereignty to decide by themselves. It was expensive! Like Saddam’s eight-year-long war against Iran and you know well what its consequences are especially for society. Did you know it was supported and guided by US government too? It never apologize Iranians so far.

Free Americans!

As you know US authorities always plan to fight against a point (one nation) of the world; yesterday Vietnam, today Afghanistan and Iraq, tomorrow maybe Syria and Iran. The expenditure of the wars burdens on American society. We supposed it is because of the domination of military-industrial complexities and Zionist lobby on US government. Nowadays 99% movement has risen against the 1% domination. We considered that President Obama neglected this movement after five months and he didn’t mention it in his last inaugural address.

Our Brothers and Sisters!
Glorious Brothers and Sisters

Your resistance is like a candle among darkness which is made by militant American authorities. Keep it lightening as it is. With new powerful honorable rallies in more than 100 cities, present the power of %99 movement and demand a stop of war, terror, oppression and sanctions against Iranians.

We believe you can do it as done on February 4th. It will be possible if it includes all people from all walks of life gather under the umbrella of the Occupied Movement. We hope the freedom and justice-seeking movement becomes continuous and dynamic. God willing, we will witness a day without cruelty all throughout the world.

Thank you
Justice-Seekers without Border
Justice seeking movement
Union of Students Islamic Society
Union of Independent students’ Islamic Society
Unity Consolidation Office

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