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Iranians celebrate Mother’s Day on Hazrat Zahra’s (pbuh) birthday

The national Women's day in Iran does not coincide with the international occasion, as it is designated on the birth anniversary of a highly revered woman in Islam, Lady Fatemeh.

Also known as Zahra, Hazrat Fatemeh was the daughter of Prophet Mohammad and the wife of Imam Ali, the first Imam.

Here in the holy shrine of the eighth Imam Reza, the eighth Shia Imam, in the city of Mashhad, Muslims from Iran and other countries gathered to celebrate the festive occasion.

Still after 14 centuries, Muslims speak highly of Hazrat Fatemeh. Muslim women view her as a role model.

Iranians’ love for the daughter of Prophet Mohammad goes beyond these celebrations. Many families name their daughters after her. And that’s why ‘Fatemeh’ and ‘Zahra’ are the most common names among Iranian women, including this lady who has asked her fiancé to start their marriage on the birthday of Lady Fatemeh.

Lady Fatemeh’s name went down in history as an alpha female who continues to inspire Muslim women to date.
Iranians here say they celebrate women’s day on Hazrat Fatemeh’s birthday to shed light on the inner beauty of women and their pivotal role in building a better family and better society.

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