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Iranians decry sahaba tomb desecration


Tens of thousands of Iranians have taken to the streets across the country to express their outrage at Syrian militants’ campaign against Islam.

According to Press TV, in massive demonstrations held after Friday prayers, the protesters condemned the desecration of the shrine of Hujr ibn Adi, a close companion (sahaba) of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and a staunch supporter of Imam Ali (PBUH).
The demonstrators also asked the international community to help protect the holy sites of Syria.
During the demonstration in Tehran, the commander of Iran’s Volunteer Basij Force said the Muslim world will not fall into the traps set by the enemies of Islam.
Brigadier General Mohammad-Reza Naqdi said, “Certain Western governments invested in sectarianism and achieved their goals. They managed to divide and rule the Muslim world for a century. They also created the Baha’i and Wahhabi sects, but things have changed now. Shias and Sunnis stand united and will never allow terrorists to desecrate holy sites in their names. They will not fall into the traps of sectarianism either”.
On May 2, foreign-sponsored terrorists desecrated the mausoleum of Hujr in a northeastern suburb of the Syrian capital, exhumed his body, and took it to an unknown location.
The al-Qaeda-affiliated al-Nusra Front has claimed responsibility for the destruction of the holy shrine in the Damascus suburb Adra.

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