Iranians must unite to resist US ‘bullying tactics’


An analyst believes the only way forward for the Iranian people is to stand united and resist the “bullying tactics” of the United States.

“It is really quite clear that US policy is very based on bullying and based on not on international law and indeed it is not based on understanding of the rest of the nations around the world and international community’s understanding,” Massoud Shadjareh, head of the Islamic Human Rights Commission told Press TV in an interview on Saturday.

The analyst’s comments came after Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said the US was waging an economic and media war against Iran, adding American leaders were wrong if they thought pressure would make the Islamic Republic surrender.

“I think President Rouhani’s message is not so much for outside but indeed for the inside of the Iranian community and it is giving the message that the only way forward is for all the parties in Iran to unite and fight this both on the basis of unity but also on a basis of publicities and propaganda that’s being done against Iran and the Iranian nation,” Shadjareh noted.

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