Iran’s 1st UAV carrying five micro-aircrafts designed

An Iranian university student in the City of Isfahan has managed to design Iran’s first unmanned air vehicle comprised of five micro-aircrafts.

The micro-aircrafts are guided by the mother aircraft. Connection of the delta platform design micro-aircrafts to the mother aircraft, formation of an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), separation of two symmetrical micro-aircrafts from right and left sides of the mother plane (the mother air craft with two micro air vehicles (MAV)) or separation of four symmetrical micro aircrafts from the mother vehicle are different possible states of the drone.

Five separate airplanes have been designed to reach the final aircraft called UCM.

The mother air vehicle control system is designed to receive data from the separated micro aircrafts to transfer them to ground, aerial or marine stations. Also in case of any problem in the mother aircraft the micro vehicles are respectively able to command and control the other vehicles.

The radar-evading ability of the stealth micro-aircrafts will be increased after separation from the mother UAV.

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