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Iran’s Ammar film festival goes to Gaza


A various number of cinematic works of Iran’s 4th Ammar Popular Film Festival (APFF) have been screened in Gaza city, Palestine.

At the first round of screening programs, the movies were presented for several selected groups in Gaza’s movie theaters.

At the second round of the programs, the films are slated to have public screening at mosques and universities, said the festival’s executive secretary Hamed Bamorovvatnejad.

Some 10 Iranian productions, participated in the festival in Iran, the have been sent to the festival in Gaza. The films were dubbed into Arabic or granted Arabic subtitles.

The selected films for Ammar festival in Gaza represent concept of Palestine in Iran.

Sponsored by the Office of Cultural Studies for Islamic Revolution, Ammar Popular Film Festival focuses on cultural issues on Iran’s Islamic revolution.

The annual film festival depicts documentaries, fictions, short films, animations, socio-economical, environmental and political issues of Iranian men and women involved in the Islamic Revolution of Iran.

The event is called ‘popular’ as it values people’s cooperation in the shooting, distribution and screening of its films. The winning films are screened at mosques, schools, universities, auditoriums, public parks, theaters and other places.

The fourth edition of the festival in Iran took place from January 3 to 11, 2014.

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