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Iran’s IRGC intercepts boat in Persian Gulf

The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) of Iran announced on Saturday, the seizure of a boat carrying a large amount of drugs and some weapons in the Gulf waters.

“The Revolutionary Guard’s Navy monitored a boat in the Gulf waters carrying a large amount of drugs on board,” said Admiral Ali Azami, commander of the Fifth Naval Zone of the Revolutionary Guards Navy in the Gulf waters.

Al-Azami said that the Revolutionary Guards’ naval personnel stopped the boat and seized 840 kilograms of opium and 48 kilograms of heroin, noting that “Kalashnikov rifles were also seized in the boat. ”

“The Revolutionary Guard works alongside police cadres in combating drug trafficking, and it has achieved remarkable successes in the tasks of eliminating commodity smuggling gangs,” Al-Azami added.

Iran is facing great difficulties in the fight against drug trafficking, as it strives to limit the flow of opium smuggling from neighboring Afghanistan, where Iran is an important transportation route for smuggling.

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