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Iran’s Sacred Defence, essence of Islamic Awakening

Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) said the essence of the Islamic Awakening stems from the sacred defence of the Iranian people against the domineering system during the 8-year imposed war.

According to IRNA, speaking to the graduates of the IRGC Commandment and Headquarters Faculty, Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari said this faculty is one of the most important segments of IRGC which is bravely active to enhance the IRGC in all arenas.
Referring to the positive works that have been done in the IRGC Commandment and Headquarters Faculty and the raison-d’être of the IRGC, Major General Jafari reiterated that the main duty of the IRGC is manifested in defending the Islamic revolution and its achievements. So paying attention to this issue will lead to an exact understanding of the situation and its requirements.
Pointing to the nature of the threats in the 4th decade of the Islamic revolution’s life Major General Jafari made it clear, “Unlike the first decade of the revolution, in which the military and security threats were de facto, now the military threat is potential but it has no priority.”
He added that today there is cultural war and then political and economic wars; and IRGC is duty bound to defend the revolution in these domains, too.
The IRGC commander also pointed to a part of the leader’s guidelines adding, “Thinking, talking and even debating on the duties and preparations of IRGC will result in being update and distancing from falling behind.”

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