Iran’s security indebted to IRGC, Basij



Iran’s Hassan Rouhani has told public in desert city of Yazd his government has run the country with lower oil prices.

President Rouhani is visiting the desert province of Yazd to unveil some construction projects. He arrived in Yazd Monday morning and addressed the people who was welcoming him.

Rouhani’s address focused on his government’s epic feat of running a country whose incomes shrank with international oil prices plummeting in recent months; “all oil-exporting countries have experienced depreciation of their currency value due to oil markets; however, the government ran the country with $25 per barrel of crude oil; it has also saved the national money Rial despite the shocks and uncertainties. We have tamed the intractable mole of inflation. We are working to create jobs to control unemployment as well,” Rouhani said. “The critics of the government should see the situation with justice; when oil prices soared to $ 120 per barrel of crude in 2011 and before, no single jobs was created. We have managed to bring stability to a volatile market.”

“The figures of job creation in this government is in a level to be judged by the economic analysts; we have created almost 600,000 jobs annually since December 2013; we do need even larger numbers of jobs to bring boom to economy; we need to work harder and plan precisely to meet the ever-growing number of university graduates swarming the job markets,” Rouhani told the crowd.

On the recent Parliament and Assembly of Experts elections of February 26, Rouhani lavished praise upon the public turnout in the elections; “the real success is by the nation itself; no party would claim victory over others, but that all parties were equally victorious in display of national unity. The front of morality and ethics was the victor; the moderation defeated extremism; today it is time to cooperate to build the country anew and a better place to live,” he added.

“A high turnout restored the hope and livelihood to the society; February 26 votes were votes for prudence, hope for the future, and rationality; today, such spirit infuses upon the country. New Parliament along with the government will work to address the pressing issues of the nation,” Rouhani told the people.

In his concluding part of speech, Rouhani also extended acclaim to the IRGC and Basij forces for their laudable efforts to bring the security to all; “the current security and stability of the country is indebted to the IRGC and Basij forces, who along with the Army and Police and intelligence, had been working hard to keep the country out of extremist and terrorist hands who roam our neighboring countries freely,” he said.

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