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Iran’s Zarif urges immediate end to Saudi attacks on Yemen


The Iranian foreign minister has called on Saudi Arabia to immediately cease its military aggression against Yemen.

“We demand an immediate stop to the Saudi military operations in Yemen,” Mohammad Javad Zarif said on Thursday.

Zarif said the military operations constitute a violation of Yemen’s sovereignty and will only lead to bloodshed.

“We will spare no effort to contain the crisis in Yemen,” Zarif said.

He said the act of aggression will benefit no country, adding that the military campaign will further escalate the tensions in the region.

The Iranian foreign minister also urged the regional and western countries to avoid playing into the hands of terrorists such as al-Qaeda and ISIL in Yemen.

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Marzieh Afkham also on Thursday described the aggression as a dangerous move which is in violation of international responsibilities for respecting the sovereignty of countries.

She said launching military strikes against Yemen would complicate the crisis in the country and kill opportunities for peaceful resolution of the crisis in the Arab country.

Afkham also said the Saudi-led invasion of Yemen would lead to spread of terrorism and extremism in the region.

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